Semester at Penland

Semester at Penland is a unique program that is designed to offer students an alternative to the rigidity of traditional studio courses. A small cohort of students will reside at Penland, a prestigious craft school, for one semester for 15 credit hours.

The program exists as a combination of a travel, seminar, and studio courses where they will experience workshops made up of a variety of disciplines. Here, the students will have the freedom to identify, develop, and immerse themselves in their own creative practices.

The goal of this project is to create a visual identity for the Semester at Penland program. This visual identity for the program should embody their primary values, attract and inform both students and donors, and extend a coherent identity throughout various deliverables.

in collaboration with:
Aidan Morrison

brand in use

visual directions

building the brand


Last updated 05/2024