Recreation Series


Recreations of four Vietnamese mythological creatures: Ma Vú dài, Quận Cú, Ma Trành, Tinh Cây Ráy

s11”x17” printed on found gray paper
illustrated in procreate 
risoprinted in aqua, red, and sun yellow

ma vú dài appears as a woman with long breasts sagging down the front of her upper body.

this spirit often perches on treetops to prey on travelers at night. when she catches a victim, she forcefully breastfeeds them, and the victim is often found unconscious on the roadside the next morning with their mouth full of dirt.
quận cú works underneath the king of hell and has two tongues. one makes a person die instantly and the other helps bring them back to life.
if a tiger lives long enough to prey on 100 people, it becomes a demon. it acquires superior intelligence and physical capacities, its hair turns gray, and dots appear on its ears marking how many people it’s killed.

these tiger demons like to brutalize their victims and enslave their souls, turning them into ma trành – who are bound to do the tigers’ will for eternity. they appear as normal humans, but often wander around the forests trying to lure people to their masters.
an ancient ayurvedic tree that absorbed the essence of heaven and earth to gain its supernatural power. the tree is believed to take two forms, one as a naked man and the other a naked woman, with both forms often intertwined.

risoprinted artist proofs of ma vú dài (red and sun yellow) and ma trành (aqua and sun yellow)

Last updated 05/2024