On The Wey Out


Built in 1976, Herbert W. Wey Hall is home to the student artists of Appalachian State. However, in December of 2022, Wey Hall undergoes renovations that will last several years, displacing art students away from one another and the building’s familiar quirks that we have all come to know and love. Our goal was to celebrate Wey Hall for current students, alumni, and the greater Boone art community.

This project is ultimately a form of branding for the building from the standpoint of the graphic design program, existing in the formats of wearables, printed matter, and a book archive. Past celebration, our ultimate goal was to showcase the importance of art and art education as well as spreading awareness of what this building means to the students at App State.

Brendan Murray
Camdyn Davis
Erin Ward
Haley Holle
Jahii Fiera
Joshua Knapp
Julia Boyce
Kendal Morton
Lydia Treml
Rachel Cameron
Felicia Casagrande

font family exhibition (2022)

printing shirt orders with Felicia Casagrande and Julia Boyce.

the graphic design senior studio class of fall 2022.
[left to right] Brendan Murray, Jahii Fiera, Erin Ward, Kendal Morton, Julia Boyce, Rachel Cameron, kaylyn ngo, Camdyn Davis, Nicolas Oerter, Haley Hollensteiner, Lydia Treml, Mariah Graham, Felicia Casagrande, and Joshua Knapp

to the senior studio class, the font family, thank you for collaborating with me. it was an honor.


Last updated 05/2024