El Tacorriendo


El Tacorriendo or “The Running Taco” is a beloved food truck that serves authentic Mexican street food. Built up in 2016 by Alejandro (Alex) and Ashley Leon, they serve locally in Boone and Lenoir, North Carolina. The greatest parts of El Tacorriendo is it is a small and local business, and so the interpersonal relationships that are made are extremely valued.

The goals of this rebrand is to resolve the issues of communication between El Tacorriendo and its customers through updating the logo, the menu, and the daily social media updates. Making a more cohesive brand by using a consistent color palette, typography, and hierarchies will allow a sense of familiarity and reflect its warm, inviting, and invogorating nature.

fun fact: i actually worked as a food truck worker here!

brand in use

visual directions

building the brand


Last updated 05/2024